Our MatchMerge Immunization Registry allows public health organizations to have a complete solution capable of real-time HL7 bilateral data exchange with external systems. It includes all three components of our MatchMerge software (MPI, MDS, and MDE) and a web interface for viewing, managing and monitoring immunizations administered of a community.


  • Receive Hl7 V2 VXU updates and send Hl7 messages to external systems
  • Robust capability for > 1 Million patients
  • Real-time HL7 bilateral data exchange using of MDE. Support for other methods
  • Built-in Master Person Index (MPI)
  • Tools for reports and managing external system connections


Vendor Name: Software Partners LLC
Certified EHR Name: MatchMerge
Certified EHR Version: 10.8
InfoGard Certification #[1]: IG-2526-14-0011
Certification Date: March 13, 2014
Classification: Modular
Practice Setting: Ambulatory
Requirements Edition: 2014
Certification Criteria: 170.314(d)(1), §170.314(d)(5), §170.314(d)(6), §170.314(d)(8), §170.314(f)(1), §170.314(f)(2), §170.314(g)(4)
Clinical Quality Measures: N/A
Additional SW Required: Java 1.5 and any Java Application Server


[1] The CMS EHR Certification ID (15 characters) may be obtained via the CHPL website for EHR products (or product combinations) that meet 100% of the CMS required criteria for Meaningful Use. Please refer to the CMS website: https://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/32_Attestation.asp#6.