Matchmerge Immunization Destination (IZD)

The Immunization Destination (IZD) (patented) provides a single point of contact for all immunization data relevant to your organization.

  • Provides an “immunization registry edge server” to respond to queries without impacting data entry transaction processing users.
  • Connects related immunization systems: HIEs, local, regional, state, state-to-state.
  • Cross-Paradigm Server speaks all the standard protocols of Meaningful Use: HL7 V2 and IHE profiles (XDS, PIX/PDQ) and translates among them.
  • Includes MatchMerge Decision Support v11 (MDS v11) to communicate with the optional IZD data store, validate an immunization history and provide a recommendation.
  • Stateless and persisted options. Store the patient history or receive it as input.
  • Replicates queries to optimize searches to all registered systems in the network.