Matchmerge Decision Support v11 (MDS)

Matchmerge Decision Support v11 (MDS v11) represents an innovation in decision support services for immunizations. MDS v11 algorithm drives directly off the Supporting Data and Logic Specification of CDC’s Clinical Decision Support for Immunizations (CDSi). MDS v11 does not use any “rules” in the traditional sense, differentiating it from legacy, rules-based implementations.

Even while simplifying maintenance and logic, MDS v11 returns a rich complement of detail, enablng greenfield uses such as cost and inventory optimization, and reducing over-immunization. For backwards compatibility, MDS v11 can be configured to return only the traditional validated immunization history and forecast (recommendation). In summary:

  • No “rules” to maintain. No need to constantly maintain rules as unexpected cases fail. Automatically accommodates all possible combination of inputs.
  • Returns specific vaccine product recommendations based upon CDSi CVX lists. Specific product recommendations customizable based upon cost, availability, etc.
  • Enables risk series, travel vaccines, and other non-standard series
  • Accommodates custom Supporting Data. Synchronizes immediately with CDSi Supporting Data upgrades. Testing Tool and Analyzer facilitate easy comparison between versions.
  • …and more