ONC_Certification_HIT_2014Edition_Stacked_RGBThe MatchMerge Immunization Destination is an “edge server” for immunization information.  Among other things, it provides an opportunity for providers to obtain Meaningful Use credit for public health reporting.  Especially as demand for public health resources continues to increase, the Immunization Destination, ONC Certified* for immunization registry reporting, speaks the language of the provider’s particular type of EHR interface and translates into a single feed into existing systems.  Its components:

  • MatchMerge Patient Identification (MPI) matches records for the same incoming patient.  Providers can use their current Master Person Index or the MatchMerge Patient Identification, or cascade the two. Data is sent to the public health system with the appropriate identifier.
  • MatchMerge Data Exchange (MDE) supports submission of information and responds to queries
  • MatchMerge Decision Support (MDS) provides an immunization care plan based on the patient’s complete health history.

The Immunization Destination responds to provider’s requests, offloading traffic from public health systems.


Vendor Name: Software Partners LLC
Certified EHR Name: MatchMerge
Certified EHR Version: 10.8
InfoGard Certification #[1]: IG-2526-14-0011
Certification Date: March 13, 2014
Classification: Modular
Practice Setting: Ambulatory
Requirements Edition: 2014
Certification Criteria: 170.314(d)(1), §170.314(d)(5), §170.314(d)(6), §170.314(d)(8), §170.314(f)(1), §170.314(f)(2), §170.314(g)(4)
Clinical Quality Measures: N/A
Additional SW Required: Java 1.5 and any Java Application Server


[1] The CMS EHR Certification ID (15 characters) may be obtained via the CHPL website for EHR products (or product combinations) that meet 100% of the CMS required criteria for Meaningful Use. Please refer to the CMS website: https://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/32_Attestation.asp#6.


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