Electronic Meaningful Use Utility – (EMUU)


The Electronic Meaningful Use Utility (EMUU) automates the process for sending a test message to local Immunization Registries in order to help fulfill the requirements for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Testing.

EMUU is successfully being used by San Diego Beacon and the San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR).  EMUU makes it quick and easy for organizations and providers to send a Meaningful Use test message to SDIR.


  • Easy to use, you don’t need an IT background to use EMUU!
  • Web application – no installation necessary
  • Step by step user guide
  • Proven track record – already being used successfully


  • HL7 2.3.1, 2.5.1
  • Immunization Content
  • XDS.b

How it Works

EMUU establishes and provides an Organization Registration Portal and a Message Validation Service that enables healthcare organizations who wish to qualify for Stage 1 Meaningful Use to register and receive their Facility ID and test their systems as required by Stage 1 Meaningful Use attestation.

Functions of EMUU

  • Allows organizations to register for Meaningful Use testing
  • Facilitates approval of the registration event by the appropriate immunization registry
  • Facilitates approval of organization-entered configuration information such as list of facilities by the appropriate immunization registry
  • Automatically sets up of the necessary configuration of provider within the target registry (insofar as supported by the immunization registry software)
  • Provides connection information to the sender

The process is proven, has attested a very large volume of providers and facilities already, and is imminently scalable due to its implementation simplicity.

To purchase the Electronic Meaningful Use Utility (EMUU), please contact us at info@swpartners.com or 760.944.8436.

What EMUU Looks Like

Below is the Login and New Registration Screen for organizations.

Below is the main Profile page.  This is where the organization information is listed including all the facilities to be tested.

Shown below is the data entry page where the organization adds facilities.  As each facility is added, a unique Facility ID is generated.

To purchase EMUU – Electronic Meaningful Use Utility, please contact us at info@swpartners.com or 760.944.8436.