Patient Identification (MPI)

The MatchMerge Patient Identification (MPI) provides the foundation for matching an individual’s medical records from different sources and merging them into a meaningful medical information profile for that person.

MPI provides two basic operations for accessing a cross-referencing index of person identifiers and identifying information (commonly known as a Master Person Index:

  • Register allows a person’s identity to be known to the service;
  • Query allows the index to be searched.

The user screen from the San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR) illustrates the search operation of the MatchMerge Patient Identification :


This screen illustrates the retrieved person record.  Note the top section shows the person identifier and demographics that was previously supplied by the user’s organization through a Register operation.  The bottom half of the screen shows information (limited by confidentiality policy) about any linked identifiers and demographics supplied by another source.


MPI Features

  • Sophisticated probabilistic matching algorithm
  • Years of field testing on large medical databases
  • Ability to tune matching to demographic characteristics of a population
  • Tracks matching algorithm version and quality of the match
  • Link and unlink to correct errors
  • Implements IHE, HL7 and OMG standards
  • Bulk rematching utility for regression testing, applying updates, and analysis of match quality
  • Multiple transport layer options:
    • Sockets/MLLP
    • HTTPs/REST
    • SFTP
    • SOAP
    • Batch file

MPI Standards

Health Level Seven (HL7):

Object Management Group (OMG):

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE):

American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA):

IHE Capabilities